Leave Your Dust To Us

What gets cleaned

Bedrooms & Common Areas

General Clean
  • Wet wipe all surfaces
  • Spot check accessible light fixtures & lamp bases
  • Dry dust any TV or computer equipment
  • Spot check accessible baseboards & outlet covers
  • Tidy where necessary
  • Make bed if sheets are left out, straighten bed if not
  • Clean corners of cobwebs
  • Vacuum and or mop floors
  • Spot check ceiling fan, if accessible
  • Spot check interior glass, if accessible
  • Remove any garbage


General Clean
  • Counters, backslash, sink, stove top all thoroughly wiped down. Items moved as needed.
  • All counter top appliances wiped down
  • Spot check fronts of all cabinets
  • Polish all large appliances 
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Window sills dusted
  • Interior glass spot checked 
  • Spot check accessible baseboards & outlet covers
  • Remove any garbage & wipe trash can down


General Clean
  • Sanitize sink, counter tops & any items on them
  • Clean mirrors, leave streak free
  • Wipe down chrome sink handles, toilet paper holder & towel rack
  • Clean toilet, inside, top & base
  • Tidy & straighten where necessary
  • Clean shower/bath walls/ceiling, floor, door etc.
  • Spot check accessible baseboards & outlet covers
  • Remove any garbage
  • Spot check fronts of cabinets
  • Door Frames, Door Knobs, Door Trim & Hand Prints
  • Spot check interior glass if accessible
  • Floors vacuumed & moped

Extra services available:

We Cover All Your Cleaning Needs

One Time Cleanings Recurring Cleanings
Move in / Move outs Spring Cleaning
Ovens & Refrigerators
Interior Windows & Walls
Organization Help Laundry Folding

Get Up To 15% Off On Recurring Cleanings

Recurring discounts available

Biweekly Flat Rates

10% off

Weekly Flat Rates

15% off

Hourly Rate


NOTE: 2 hours Minimum for hourly bookings. Cleanings outside of Portage la Prairie & Oakville Manitoba available, a travel charge may apply. 

What we can't clean

For the safety of our cleaners 
• We do not clean exterior windows, outside walls, patio furniture, etc.

We do not lift, pull out or move appliances & heavy furniture.
• We do not clean bodily fluids, mold, hazardous materials, dangerous chemicals.
• We do not clean the interior of dishwashers, washing machines & dryers*.
• We do not clean pet excrement, pet cages, aquariums, etc.
• We can not clean ceilings or areas outside of a cleaners reach on a 2 step ladder.
• We can not take any garbage or junk off the premises.